About us

Our company

Since 2001, Mark and Karen Tuttle, owners of All Wired Up Jewelry have been designing One of a Kind, wearable Art.  Our goals are to create jewelry that's guaranteed to be notice and admired by all.   Our designs are created using many of the traditional concepts used in wire sculpture jewelry.  We make every effort in designing jewelry pieces with versatility that can be worn more than one way.  All of our jewelry is handcrafted in Tarpon Springs, Florida. 

What Makes All Wired Up Jewelry Different and unique?

We have worked hard to separate ourselves from many other fine wire sculpture artists by developing our own unique designs and concepts. Our creations present the highest level of sophistication and imagination, not only because of our distinctive wire designs, but also because of our selection of quality gem stones used in our jewelry. We incorporate precious and semi-precious gem stones in many of our pieces.  With Karen’s hand sculptured designs and Mark’s contemporary designs, All Wired Up Jewelry offers an extremely diverse choice of jewelry selections.  Our pieces are light and elegant, using 14-kt gold, sterling silver and copper wire.  We offer classic designs, sculptured designs, chain maille designs, crocheted designs, and hand woven designs. 

Original Designs

Some of our designs have been Copy Written and Patented due to our originality along with being published in European and American Fashion magazines.